National Association of Trailer Manufacturers

When you buy a Big Tex Trailer, you'll also get the confidence that comes with knowing your trailer is NATM Certified.

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) unifies the trailer manufacturing industry by improving trailer safety and performance, addressing regulatory issues, providing educational tools, hosting industry events and offering membership benefits. NATM was founded in 1987 to serve livestock trailers, but began representing all light- and medium-duty trailer manufactures in 1992. In the 25+ years since, NATM has grown to represent more than 410 trailer manufacturers and 350 suppliers.

NATM created its Compliance Verification Program to promote safety and regulation within the trailer manufacturing industry. As of Jan.1, 2012, the Compliance Verification Program is a requirement for membership in NATM. Big Tex has successfully completed the consultation process every year, meaning our trailers comply with the guidelines recommended for manufacturing light- and medium-duty trailers. Look for the exclusive compliance decal on every Big Tex trailer, which serves as a reminder of our promise to deliver the safest and longest lasting trailers on the road.

As a member of NATM, Big Tex Trailers also participates in the organization's official publication "Tracks," which features technical articles, association news and updated information on all new Big Tex products. You can pick up the most recent issue at your local Big Tex dealer.

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North American Trailer Dealers Association

Big Tex Trailers is proud of its continuing partnership with the North American Trailer Dealers Association (NATDA). As the only professional business association in North America that serves and unifies light- and medium-duty trailer dealers, NATDA provides dealers with incredible benefits, programs, support resources and educational materials. Big Tex dealers have long been synonymous with the best customer service, inventory, marketing and parts services in the industry. With Big Tex's Diamond membership status within NATDA, we can pass on great savings to our dealers that help their business and service continue to thrive.

Every year NATDA puts on a Trade Show & Convention, which comprises all segments of the trailer industry - from cargo to horse to flatbed. The show's manufacturers, dealers, product and service vendors, financial institutions and insurance companies attend the show with the sole purpose of trying to earn your business. As one of the main sponsors, Big Tex Trailers attends every year, with our wide range of trailers on display. You will also see Big Tex Trailers in the NATDA Magazine, which is published six times a year and circulated to more than 5,000 industry professionals. This magazine is a great place to read about Big Tex Trailers' new products and services, sales and marketing ideas, tips for parts and service departments, and industry-related news.

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Big Tex Trailers has always stayed true to its mission to manufacture built-to-last trailers that instill confidence on the job. This mission has driven us to be the #1 Professional-Grade Trailer Manufacturer in the U.S., maintain the most diverse product line in the industry and team with the best suppliers out there. All of our partners must be ready to grow at a fast pace, have unmatched quality and be a true leader in innovation. Big Tex values run deep, and we only collaborate with companies that match our passion.



When it comes to product durability and outstanding finishes, Big Tex chooses The Valspar Corporation, one of the largest paint manufacturers in the world. From the lab to our trailer manufacturing facilities, Valspar services the needs of Big Tex trailers, offering coatings specifically engineered for utility, equipment, auto/motorcycle, horse trailers, livestock trailers and multi-purpose trailers.

Valspar, based out of Minneapolis, Minn., is on the cutting edge of refinish technology, with finishes that promote exceptional product performance, application engineering and operation. Valspar's primers increase paint durability, corrosion protection and filling capabilities; their top coats provide a long-lasting, durable finish for superior protection; and their finishes produce the glossy, professional-grade look that Big Tex trailers are known for.

At Big Tex, we care about the appearance and durability of our trailers. That's why we offer our customers Valspar's premium quality paints and finishes.

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Big Tex proudly partners with Optronics, a leading manufacturer and supplier of vehicular safety and interior lighting. Founded in 1972 and based out of Tulsa, Okla., Optronics has achieved their market-leading position through commitment to customer satisfaction, industry compliance, quality standards, frequent new product introductions and investment in the future. With manufacturing, testing and distribution centers in Oklahoma, Indiana, Toronto, and overseas, Optronics' dedication to product development has resulted in the broadest line of LED safety lighting in the industry.

Optronics and Big Tex Trailers make ideal partners, with a shared emphasis on innovation, safety and superior product design, and a commitment to leadership in the. Optronics' LED lighting provides the best, brightest and safest lighting with the longest lifespan, helping your trailer look good and stand out on the road, while keeping you safe.

Big Tex has a lot riding on the safety of our trailers, so partnering with Optronics is the natural choice.

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Dexter Axle

Dexter Axle

Dexter Axle has built a strong reputation as a progressive leader in the trailer axle and trailer brakes community for more than 50 years, making the company an easy choice as a Big Tex partner. Dexter Axle's products are high-quality, reliable and safe, leading to smooth and consistent performance. As a bonus, Dexter products are American-made in lean, green, and clean fully automated facilities that increase efficiency, ensure accuracy, recycle waste and keep costs down.

The partnership with Dexter Axle has brought superior braking technology to every Big Tex trailer. Nearly all our trailers feature Nev-R-Adjust brakes, which automatically adjust to proper clearances during travel so you'll stop with confidence every time. Dexter has also exclusively produces for Big Tex a new heavy-duty suspension to increase the GVWR on all gooseneck trailers. These suspensions have increased the axle spread for maximum trailer stability with a double-slipper spring design for better tracking. The heavy-duty mechanical design reduces road shock to cargo and improves integrity, reliability and durability. An adjustable trailering rod provides continuous precise axle alignment, reducing drag and increasing tire life. Because the extended life equalizer bushings on these Dexter axles provide less wear and maintenance, Big Tex Trailers offers an excellent 3-year axle and suspension warranty.

Big Tex Trailers confidently chooses Dexter Axle to help ensure our trailers are safe, high-performing and built to last.

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